Japan Iwate A4 Wagyu Sirloin Steak Approx 250g-280g

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Origin: Japan
Weight: Approx. 250g-280g
Packing: Vacuum Packed
Status: Frozen
Cooking Method: PanFry, Roast, BBQ

Iwate Prefecture Wagyu Beef Features
“Whiskey Wagyu”

In addition, because the northeastern part of Japan is rich in high-quality whisky (the world’s first whiskey “Bamboo Crane” is from Miyagi Prefecture in the northeast), the ranch does not forget to add whisky dregs to the daily feed of the cowmaker Iwate cow, so that the cowmaker Iwate cow The oil has a strong fragrance, and its oil flower distribution ratio level needs to reach 5, and at the same time reach A4-A5 level, in order to be rated as high-quality beef craftsman Iwate Wagyu beef. What’s more, the beef craftsman Iwate beef is extremely rare. Only 1,000 cows are produced each year, and only about 80 cows per month. In the past, they were only sold in Japan, and Hong Kong will only start to introduce them at the end of 2020.

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Product Code: 202310-03

Be Aware:

1. To prevent bacterial food poisoning, do not refrigerate thawed food.

2. To ensure the quality of the product, please make sure it is stored in a steadily frozen environment. After opening the product, please consume at once.

3. The pictures above are for reference only, and everything in kind shall prevail. (This is a frozen product, the picture was taken after thawing, and it is for reference only.)

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