About Us

Our Vision

FREEZEE MALL’s mission is to improve the quality of life, and strive to provide a comprehensive, complete product, high-quality food platform for you.
Frozen meat is becoming a big trend today, but it is really a big difficulty for Hong Kong people to go out and buy it for themselves.
This is the main drive for us to set up this website and mobile application platform, so that everyone no longer needs to hinder the subsequent journey because of the need to maintain the temperature after purchasing frozen meat products.
Guests can buy the required food and related supplies from the mobile phone or computer anytime, anywhere, choose the appropriate time for delivery, we will deliver the goods in no time.


All foods are purchased directly from food brand specialty stores, agents or general agents, and are guaranteed to be 100% authentic products imported from the local area!

During the transportation, keep the food at a suitable temperature of 0-4℃ or -18℃ to ensure hygiene, meat quality and umami!

FREEZEE MALL has been issued a “Food Factory” license by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to ensure that all products comply with relevant regulatory requirements.

The source of goods is 100% confidently guaranteed, which will definitely make all customers feel relieved and assured!